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Our solution is make oil biodegradable with this all natural product.

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BioGRASS EXTRA is a natural plant-based product that renders oil almost biodegradable.

With this product, the reduction of the molecular chain hydrocarbon allows for the contaminant to be completely decomposed, not just moved somewhere else for dumping. It eliminates contamination of multiple locations when waste is moved.

Our mission is to distribute a lasting solution for petroleum remediation.

BioGRASS EXTRA is a natural product that electrolyzes the contaminated body, resulting in electron exchange and rapidly breaking down hydrocarbon chains. This results in loss of adhesion and viscosity in the long term, creating lasting results when used in cleanups.

This highly concentrated, all natural, and USEPA certified non-toxic, bio-based surfactant (also known as an emulsifier or wetting agent) that like many washing agents, breaks the surface tension of lipid-based products, contaminants, and residuals and rearranges their adhesive composition properties into hydrophilic profiles that mimic those of detergent, foaming, and dispersant products. This completely organic,  tensioactive linear surfactant induces an oxidation-reduction, resulting in an exchange of electrons between molecules. The hydrocarbon molecular chain is broken, resulting in the loss of its well-known characteristics: adhesion, viscosity and aroma. BioGRASS EXTRA also has certified and lab-tested properties known to bioremediate petroleum and its byproducts (processed, synthetic, and raw) upon contact to less than 1% toxicity through the process of molecular reduction by carbon/hydrocarbon assisted water electrolysis (CAWE).

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Contaminated Water

When waterways become affected by petroleum spillage it becomes increasingly difficult to clean up due to the spread. Using BioGRASS EXTRA helps to remediate the issue without creating waste that needs to be transported elsewhere.

Washing Affected Wildlife

While soaps for washing petroleum-impacted wildlife is effective, it too creates wastewater that is difficult to dispose of. BioGRASS EXTRA is a natural product that is safe for use on wildlife to help cleanse them when spillage occurs.

In the Oil Industry

Of course, BioGRASS EXTRA can be used for regular clean up and remediation of common small spills during the processing of oil products, as well as cleaning machinery and transport vehicles.

General Industry

The power of BioGRASS EXTRA to break down oil’s hydrocarbon chains for easier clean up has potential for any industrial setting that uses any petroleum products for powering factory systems.

Eliminates the need for a landfill

BioGRASS EXTRA eliminates the need for a landfill by creating biodegradable byproducts for a closed and localized system.

No Specialized Transfer

Since the byproducts of the combination of oil and BioGRASS EXTRA are not a hazardous waste, but instead a fertilizing base, specialized transportation for elimination is not necessary.

Ecological Recovery

BioGRASS EXTRA helps improve the nutrient status of soils and is considered fit for natural use. Even after being used to break down oil products, BioGRASS EXTRA is still a biodegradable product.

Green Product

Our product is 100% vegetable concentrate, and thus is completely natural.

Safe for Humans

Our product is all natural and non-toxic, and is safe for human contact.

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